Cinnamon Essential Oil Coloring Book


  • 20 pages, single-sided.
  • It is recommended that you place a bleed page (a blank page) between sheets when coloring.
  • Physical books shipped worldwide.
  • Available here in digital format. Includes 5 additional pages not available in physical book.
  • One-time purchase. Not a subscription.
  • Buy extras for prizes, gifts, or team incentives

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Bring the Scent of Christmas Into Your Home

Smell the spirit of Christmas in this Aromatherapy coloring book and let your senses come alive as you explore the wonders of cinnamon essential oil. Each of these 20 pages is dedicated to learning more about cinnamon essential oil, and it’s history, science, chemistry, common uses, and even recipes, all while providing fun and detailed coloring elements set to a Christmastime theme.




Cinnamon Essential Oil