Cinnamon Essential Oil

  • 30 coloring pages, plus cover
  • One time purchase. Not a subscription.
  • Digital. You print on your home printer.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Bring the Scent of Christmas Into Your Home

Smell the spirit of Christmas in this Aromatherapy coloring book and let your senses come alive as you explore the wonders of cinnamon essential oil.

Each of these 30 pages is dedicated to learning more about cinnamon essential oil, and it’s history, science, chemistry, common uses, and even recipes, all while providing fun and detailed coloring elements set to a Christmastime theme.



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Cinnamon Cough Drops

Stephanie K. , Color Happy Member

What happens when you wake up with a swollen throat, cough, and all over yuckiness? You DIY soothing EO cough drops of course. They are SUPER yummy and the raw honey coats the throat and the Cinnamon oil suppresses the cough!!!