Color Testers


It’s time for another fun Color Happy coloring pages craft! If you’re looking for more coloring fun, be sure to check out our Coloring Packages that are fun for all ages and will provide you with hours of fun. Each month you’ll get 30+ coloring pages for adults for just $10 a month!

There are a few supplies you will need. These are the ones we used:

Today, we’re not making a craft. Instead, you’re getting a template you can use to record and color a little swatch for all of your markers (gel pens, colored pencils, etc.). This way, you will know what color that particular marker or pencil shows up as on paper.

You can pick up your free template here:

====> Color Testers Template

It can ‘ruin’ the whole picture when you grab a marker that looks like a great color that will fit the color scheme of what you’re working on but then it shows up differently as soon as it hits the paper. So, because the colors on the labels are so vague and really don’t give a good or accurate description, we’ve created this template so you can track and know for sure exactly what your marker will look like.

Simply print the template, write the brand you’re tracking and then color a little swatch in a butterfly. Below that, be sure to write the # or some sort of brief identifying description of each marker so you know which one it is. Now, the next time you go to color simply refer to your tracker for accurate colors and color away. This example below is the same one as the main image above, but here’s an example of what it starts to look like as you fill it out:


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