Easter Egg Coloring Project


It’s time for another fun coloring project here at Color Happy! Today’s project is to color your own Easter egg ornament. First, print off your template. Each template makes ONE completed ornament.

CLICK HERE ==> Easter Egg Ornament Template

Also, ff you’re looking for some of the supplies I used, including fall color markers, the glue sticks, and the colored paper, you can buy them here on Amazon:

If you want a whole bunch of ornaments, print this template as many times as you wish! All printed? Great! Now it’s time to COLOR! I used glitter gel pens for mine, but you can use anything you’d like.  Colored pencils, ultra fine point Sharpies, go for it! And this is a fun page for the kids in, too.



Once colored, cut out all four eggs.


Next, fold each egg in half length-wise, with the back-side facing outwards.


Now you’ll want to glue them to one another. Using a glue stick, glue one half of one egg to one half of another egg.


Now, glue another, different egg onto one half of one of the already glued ones, and so on, until all four have been glued together. It makes a 3D pop up ornament!


Right before you glue the last two parts together, you can glue a small loop of string or yarn into the center to use as a hanger. (I tied a knot in the string to get the loop to stay.)


And there you have it! Fun ornaments for all!


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