Color Happy FAQs

color happy frequently asked questions

What is Color Happy™?
Color Happy, was launched in the fall of 2015 as a membership website for coloring enthusiasts under a different name. The Color Happy name was officially adapted in October of 2017. The parent company, and imprint publisher of Color Happy’s physical coloring books, Cleobird, Inc, was established in 2007.

What is Color Monthly?
ColorMonthly, or Club ColorMonthly, was the name used by Color Happy prior to the October 2017 relaunch.

What is the Color Happy membership program?
Color Happy offers several different monthly memberships. The costs range from $10-57 depending on what type of access our customers would like, and whether they would prefer digital access, or would like for their pages to be printed and shipped to them.  Please see our subscriptions page for more information.

Does a customer have to join the membership to purchase coloring pages?
No. Each digital product has the option of being purchased as a monthly membership product, or one-time.

Is Color Happy a direct sales or network marketing company?
No, though we did briefly identify as one. After launching temporarily as a network marketing company, we found that it was in our partner’s best interest to reestablish as a simple affiliate program, allowing our customers to earn more commissions. Our affiliate information can be found here.

Do I need to provide my social security number in order to become an Affiliate?
Affiliates who are US residents and earn more than $600 commissions in a calendar year will need to submit their social security number via IRS form W9 so that Color Happy can send a 1099 at year end.

Can I change who I signed up under?
No. We are not a direct sales company, and do not have “sponsors”. We do, however, give credit to affiliates who bring in customers, and those customers are assigned to that affiliate for life. Customers are not able to change the affiliate who brought them in. Doing so would compromise the integrity of the entire program, and serves no purpose. There is no advantage, or disadvantage to being a customer of any affiliate.

Do Color Happy Affiliates have a territory?
No. Color Happy affiliates do not have a set territory. Each affiliate is free to market their business in any area it is legal to do so.

I just want coloring pages, and am not interested in earning commissions. How do I enroll as a Color Happy Customer?
If you do not wish to build a business with Color Happy, but desire to be a customer and enjoy coloring pages, you may do so without becoming an affiliate – in fact, most of our customers are not interested in earning income. Simply sign up using the product links at the top of this page.

Does it cost more to become a Color Happy Affiliate vs a Customer?

Is Color Happy available in Canada, the UK, or Australia?
Because Color Happy’s flagship product, our $10 a month coloring membership program, is accessed digitally, there is no restriction from consuming or marketing this opportunity in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, wherever it is legal to do so worldwide.  Prices for Color Happy products are in USD only, and commissions are paid in USD via Paypal only. International affiliate are responsible for any personal conversion fees.

Are there tools and graphics for affiliates to promote Color Happy from the company?
Yes. Every day, social media graphics are provided to all affiliates on our Facebook Group.

Do I have to join the Color Happy Facebook Group to be an affiliate?
No. The Facebook group is offered as a free resource to affiliates as a way of communicating with one another, and sharing marketing and coloring ideas. It is not required for affiliates to be involved. There are rules and courtesy required to be a member of the Facebook group, and Color Happy reserves the right to remove affiliates from the group at it’s discretion.

Can Affiliates have their own website or blog?
Yes. Affiliates are allowed to promote their business on Facebook or on a personal website. Color Happy does not have any restrictions, so long as promotions are not in violation of the law.

What is the commission structure?
Digital Products:
50% lifetime commissions Level 1
10% lifetime commissions Level 2

Physical Products:
20% Level 1
4% Level 2

There are no commissions earned on “free book offers” where customers pay only the shipping/handling, but commissions ARE earned when customers renew their trial membership.

Commissions are paid by the 10th of the following month to qualified affiliates. In some cases, large order commissions (specifically, Annual or Lifetime Happy Passes) may be held for up to 90 days.

Can an affiliate be involved in Color Happy and a different direct sales or network marketing company at the same time?
We are not a network marketing or direct sales company, and have no competition clause.

How much money will I make in Color Happy?
That’s a good question. The truth is, everyone’s experience is going to be drastically different.  It depends on how much time you spend working at it as a business – a lot of people just want some free coloring pages and a bit of training or experience – others want to make this a full-time gig. Color Happy cannot guarantee that you’ll make any money in this business, or that anyone will.  Color Happy offers fantastic coloring pages for about the same price that you’d pay at the store, and the opportunity to build a business on top of it.  What you do with it is up to you.

Are Affiliates employees of Color Happy?
No. Affiliates are not employees of Color Happy or it’s parent company, Cleobird, Inc.

Will Color Happy issue a 1099?
Color Happy and its parent company, Cleobird, Inc, will issue a 1099 for tax purposes to all qualifying affiliates at year end.

Who is responsible for the Affiliates’s income taxes and business expenses?
An affiliate is 100% responsible for their income taxes and business expenses. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to report earnings to appropriate agencies within their own State/Country and abide by the laws they’ve set. Business expenses, such as internet access, printer paper, cell phone expenses, local advertising expenses, etc, that an affiliate chooses to incur to run their business are the sole responsibility of the affiliate. Color Happy will not reimburse these costs.

Who/what is Cleobird, Inc?
Cleobird, Inc, is a Florida based corporation and the parent company of Color Happy, established in 2007.

How are commissions paid?
Commissions are paid to Active affiliates on the 10th of the month following the closed month via Paypal only. Those without a Paypal account are unable to be affiliates.

Is direct deposit available?
No. Paypal is the only method of payment.

Will my commissions go towards my monthly purchase?
No. These are separate transactions.

What is the refund policy?
A customer can request a refund within 30-days of purchase. Accounts, including affiliate accounts, with processed refunds may be disabled to prevent future purchases at Color Happy’s discretion.  An affiliate who requests a refund is considered an Inactive affiliate, and will forfeit any commissions earned during that month. Please see our refund policy here.

What happens to commissions if a refund is given?
If a customer is given a refund, commissions will be deducted from the affiliates commissions owed. If commissions have already been paid, they will be deducted from future commissions owed.

Can I print off copies of the coloring pages and distribute or sell them?
No. Color Happy coloring pages are for personal use only and may not be resold or shared. It is fine if your friend comes over to your house and wants to color a page with you, but it is not OK to share your username and password with that friend so she can print pages at home.

It is also not acceptable to print off and resell copies of Color Happy coloring pages. All Color Happy sales must be made through the Color Happy website. For more information, please our licensing details.

I own a restaurant. Can I print copies off for my customers?
Restaurants, group homes, senior centers, schools, and other businesses may obtain a special “business” license from Color Happy, for an additional $20 per month, to share pages in a business setting. Color Happy coloring pages are not permitted to be sold in this manner, but may be given to customers. For more information, please our licensing details.

Can I sell products I create with the pages I color myself?
Customers are more than welcome to create t-shirts, notebooks, and other products for their own personal use with completed pages that they have colored (not the black and white pages). If you would like to sell these as products, please check with our compliance department at first. Often, the answer is yes.

Can I have more than one Color Happy membership?
No.  Other members of an affiliate’s household, however, may have their own account. An affiliate may not earn commissions on their own purchases. Attempts to circumvent this rule are quickly discovered, and reversed.

Can family members in the same household also have customer or affiliate accounts?

Can I sign up my minor child as an affiliate for Color Happy?
Color Happy does not monitor accounts for age requirements. To become an affiliate, a customer must be able to accept Paypal payments. Paypal requires account holders to be 18. For this reason, it is usually best to have the minor use a parent’s account, and switch over the details when he/she is of age.

Can I sign up as an affiliate with my business name?
If you have a legal business entity, with a dedicated TIN (tax identification number), then yes, you may sign up using your business name. If you do not have a TIN, then you must sign up with your name and your social security number. You are free, however, to use your business name as your username if desired.