Feather Art Block


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There are a few supplies you will need:

Today we’ll be making feather art blocks. You can pick up your free template here:

Feather Art Block Template

Simply print the template. (Don’t color, it’s just a pattern. We’re going to recycle old coloring pages for this particular project.)


Gather all your supplies so you can easily access them once you get started:


The first thing I did was stain the boards. This way it gave them time to dry while I was working on everything else.


Note: one coat of stain wasn’t enough – it ended up taking three coats to cover the boards completely and give them a nice color:


Now it’s time to cut out the feathers from the template you printed above. Once you’ve cut them out, place them on the backside (non colored side) of a previously colored page and trace.


Now, go ahead and cut out the feathers:


Once you have them cut out, spray them with the clear adhesive:


Place the feathers on the foam board and cut the foam board:


Use the exacto knife to cut out the foam board around the feather:


After both the feather foam board pieces are cut out, use the black charcoal pencil to outline them so they pop:


Grab one of your boards, hammer and picture hanging hardware:


Attach the hardware to the back of the boards:



Turn the boards back around, attach the feathers, and voila, the finished product. (You can now hang them anywhere you want to add some fun wall decor.)


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