Color Your Own Garden Gem Markers


It’s that time again – another fun coloring project here at Color Happy. If you’re looking for more coloring fun, be sure to check out our Color Happy Packages that are fun for all ages and will provide you with hours of fun. Each month you’ll get 31+ coloring pages for adults for just $10 a month!

Alright, this week our coloring craft project is to make some cute garden gem markers. The template has 12 labels on it. Use them all or as many as the items you have planted in your garden 😉

There are a few supplies you will need:

First, print off your template.

You can pick up your free template here:

=====> Garden Gem Markers Template

All printed? Great! Now it’s time to COLOR! I used sharpies for mine, but you can use anything you’d like.  Colored pencils, gel pens, markers – whatever makes your heart happy 🙂 Here’s what mine looked like after I colored it:


Once you’ve colored it, cut out all the markers. After you’ve cut them all, gather the supplies you’ll need:


Now it’s time to get your garden markers ready to be assembled. You will end up with 24 glass gems, 12 sticks and 12 markers (or less if you’re not using all the markers):


Now it’s time to put the adhesive on two gems:


Now place a marker on one of the gems with adhesive on it:


Place the other gem (adhesive side), on top of the gem you just stuck the garden marker to and squeeze together:


After you’ve assembled all the garden marker gems together and have let them dry for a bit, it’s time to attach the sticks. Grab your glue gun and squeeze a small amount onto the end of the stick:


Place a garden marker gem onto the hot glue and press together for a few minutes until they’re stuck firmly together:


Continue the process until you have all the sticks and gems put together:


Now it’s time to put the raffia on. First, cut a piece of it and place one of the assembled sticks/gems on top of it like this:


Now start wrapping the raffia around it:


Tie it if you can (or you could even use a dab of hot glue to stick it together):


Complete the process on the remainder of them:


Now you’re ready to head out and use them as a place holder for where you’ll plant the items or to mark where you already have the items planted:


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