Happiness Jar

color happy happiness jar

It’s time for another fun Color Happy paper craft. This week we are creating a Happiness Jar!

You’ll need the following supplies:

First, print your Happiness Jar template below. This works best on card stock paper. This coloring pages worksheet is fun and will make you smile with different designs ready to be colored.

====> Happiness Jar Template

Now color your template. This is what mine looked like after coloring.

unnamed (1)

Cut out the different squares.

unnamed (3)

Now write down different things you’re grateful for, or things you love in life, good memories, etc. (You can see a few things I’m grateful for in the image below).

unnamed (2)

Fold each piece you’ve written on and put into a jar.

unnamed (4)

When you have a rough day, take one out and remember why you’re happy!

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