Living Life with Purpose


 An experience.happy Adventure

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  • 10 Video Adventures
  • 10-page colorable Soul Workbook, plus cover
  • 20 Affirmation Coloring Pages
  • 20 Binaural Beats – Brainwave Entrainment Affirmation Audios
  • A new way to look at the world and experience happiness

Presenting: experience.happy – a 5-Senses, immersive adventure, designed to take you on a journey through sound and color that will inspire you into living into a better version of yourself.

You see, our purpose in life is to wake up each morning and recreate ourselves as a better version of ourselves than the day before. It’s about being our authentic, individual selves – not someone we “should” be, or that we feel we’re “supposed” to be, but the real us.

That little voice inside your head that says “I am awesome!” is real! And it’s the authentic you, just waiting to show up! It’s time to let that voice take the spot light.

We’re all doing the very best that we can with the tools that we have. Each experience.happy adventure focuses on giving you the option to add more tools to your tool box!

You’ve been lead here, right now, because something is missing in your life. This is it. It’s time to experience.happy.

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Video Titles Include:

  • Be Intentional
  • Smart Start
  • You Have A Choice
  • Purposeful Values
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Why?
  • You’ve Got this
  • Change is Good
  • Do it Anyway!

Affirmation Color Pages/Audios: 

  • A New Sense Of Purpose Infuses My Being
  • As I live my true purpose joy and contentment in my life
  • I accept and Embrace all experiences even unpleasant ones
  • I am a gift to this world
  • I am at peace with my past present and future
  • I am focused and engaged in the current task
  • I believe in my ability to change the world with what I do
  • I choose not to compare myself to others because we are all different
  • I choose to live and inspired life
  • I Draw From My Inner Strength And Light
  • I have a profound impact on this world
  • I live in the present and I am confident of the future
  • I make a profound difference in this world
  • I Observe My Thoughts And Actions Without Judging Them
  • I participate fully in all of my relationships
  • I rest peacefully and soundly knowing all is well in my world
  • I maintain my wealth so i can help others
  • My intuition and wisdom and guide me in the right direction
  • My enthusiasm about my Life is contagious