Organize Your Coloring Supplies


Hey there! It’s time for another weekly craft post. But, once again we’re changing things up around here. So, instead of a craft to do, we’ve got a fun project that can aid in organization. Because, keeping our coloring supplies organized is an important part of our coloring fun 😉

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again… here at Color Happy we have a slight obsession with Sharpies, gel pens, etc. So we have to keep the color monster tamed – in other words we MUST have some sort of organization around here.

The image above shows the printable labels (be sure to download your template below!) in use. I love how neat and organized things are on the shelves. The labels were fun to color and are a great way to…well, label the sections 😉

There are a few supplies you will need:

5. Template

You can pick up your free template here:

=====>Organize Your Coloring Supplies Labels Template


Once you’ve downloaded your template, it’s time to get your color on!  Here’s what my finished product looked like:


Once you’ve colored each of the labels, it’s time to cut them out:


After cutting them out I pulled out one of my favorite tools – my thermal laminator!


To prepare the labels for laminating, pull out a sheet of the laminating paper, open it and place the labels between the paper like this:


Now close the sheet over the labels so it looks like this:


Now it’s time to insert the sheet into the laminator and let it do its work:


Once it finishes the process, you should have a full laminated sheet that looks like this:


Cut the labels so you have individual ones:


Flip them over and put a piece (or two) of tape on the back of them:


That’s it. Now you’re ready to stick the labels to your shelf and voila you’ve got some colored labels to add a little splash of color to your organizational shelf:


Would love to see how you use the labels. Be sure to come share on the Facebook Page!

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