Paper Pumpkins Craft

It’ time for another fun Color Happy paper craft. You’ll need the following supplies:

• Paper Pumpkins Template
• Old Colored Pages
• Glue Gun
• Scissors
• Craft Log Sticks

First, print your Paper Pumkins Template below. It’s super important that for this craft, you print on cardstock.

DOWNLOAD Paper Pumpkins Craft

How to Make Paper Pumpkins

This coloring pages craft is super simple, and lots of fun!

1. First, print your template.

2. Go through some coloring pages you’ve previously colored and find a few to use for this craft. (The two used are shown below.)

3. Cut out all three of the strips from your template as well as the leaves.

4. Use the different sized strips you just cut out and use them as guides on your colored page(s). (NOTE: it will take one page per pumpkin.)

5. Fold each strip (from the colored page ones you just cut out) into an accorian style.


6. Once all pieces are folded, you will need to glue the pieces together so it’s large enough to make a circle.

7. Now it’s time to assemble the pumpkin. Put some hot glue on one of the craft sticks. Put the stick in the center of the bottom accordian folded circle and slant it so the glue adheres to part of the paper. Continue this process for the middle and top circles.


8. Now place some hot glue on the leaves and attach to the top circle.

Now give these out to anyone who would appreciate a gift of a pumpkin – perfect for fall decoration!

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