Color Your Own Patriotic Paper Flowers


With the 4th of July quickly approaching, I decided this week’s coloring project would be something patriotic 🙂 If you’re looking for more coloring fun, be sure to check out our Color Happy packages that are fun for all ages and will provide you with hours of fun. Each month you’ll get 31+ coloring pages for adults for just $10 a month!

Ok, so this week our project is to make Patriotic Paper Flowers.

There are a few supplies you will need:

First, print off your template. Each template will make 3 flowers. Each flower will consist of one large circle, one medium circle, and one small circle.

You can pick up your free template here:

=====> Patriotic Paper Flowers Template

All printed? Great! Now it’s time to COLOR! I used sharpies for mine, but you can use anything you’d like.  Colored pencils, gel pens, markers – whatever makes your heart happy 🙂

When coloring, I wanted to stick with a patriotic coloring theme so I used red, white (simply not coloring a section & keeping it white) and blue. Here’s what mine looked like:


Now it’s time to cut out the circles and gather your other supplies – BradsFloral Wire & Washi Tape:


On all the circles you cut out, cut along each one of the lines – each cut should stop about 1/2 inch from the middle of the circle:


They should look like this when all the triangles (petals) have been cut. You’ll need to crinkle each one a little bit to give it that crumbled (curl) look:


Now you need to fold each petal (the triangles you just created by cutting along the lines on each flower/circle) in half lengthwise:


Now it’s time to stack your flowers together, in preparation for the brad that will hold them together. Each flower will be stacked with largest circle on bottom, medium circle in the middle and then smallest circle on top: (Note: make sure to rotate the patterns on each flower so they have one each of the different patterns, not all the same)


Insert the brad through the center of each flower:


Now fold each piece (of the brad) down so it lays flat against the back of the flower:

Now it’s time to add the floral wire. Cut a decent sized length of the floral wire. Now use the washi tape to tape it onto the back of your flower:


Once you’ve taped it, bend and shape the wire so your flowers will sit upright:


There you go, 3 cute decorative and patriotic flowers you can use for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations!

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