Piggy Parade Coloring Book


  • 25 pages, single-sided.
  • It is recommended that you place a bleed page (a blank page) between sheets when coloring.
  • Physical books shipped worldwide.
  • Available here in digital format. Includes 5 additional pages not available in physical book.
  • One-time purchase. Not a subscription.
  • Buy extras for prizes, gifts, or team incentives

Piggy Parade

These Piggies are on the Adventure of a Lifetime!

It’s a beautiful, ordinary day for Piggy Stu, Muffy and Rosie. Until they go home for dinner and realize they’re actually going to be dinner! With no idea where to go, Piggy Stu, Muffy and Rosie escape from the farm. Color along on their adventures into a whole new world, and a new way of living.




Piggy Parade