Reuse Your Daily Planner

IMG_2653Do you write down your tasks on a daily to-do list? I would be lost without mine.  If I’m being honest, sometimes I’ll even write down things I just completed just so I can cross them off!

Color Happy includes a “My Daily Planner” coloring page in each month’s collection. It’s a fun way to add some color to your day. But, I will admit, trying to color a new to-do list each and every day might get sort of redundant. So, I suggest you only color one each month, and REUSE it!

Simply color your “My Daily Planner”, but leave the individual lists blank. Then, you can either run it through a home laminator, like I’ve done here, or if you don’t have one (I got mine for $30 on Amazon, and use it for a surprising amount of things) you can use a simple plastic page protector sleeve.

Here are some supplies you might want to grab for your own:



Use a dry erase marker to write down today’s tasks, and cross them out when you’re done.  The whole thing wipes down so you can start fresh in the morning!


The “My Daily Planner” page is part of our premier Color Happy Packages – just $10 a month gets you 30+ coloring pages, including the “My Daily Planner”, as well as calendars and menu planners specific to this month. It’s a great, inexpensive way to guarantee that you’ll never run out of fun new coloring pages AND you’ll even get your life more organized! FUN FUN FUN

Plus, as part of Color Happy, you’ll have the opportunity to share our great program with your friends and earn commissions if they decide to get their color on as well.

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