Color Supply Tote


Welcome to this week’s craft post! We’re turning the tables this week and instead of giving you a craft and instructions on how to do it, we’re going to tell you about something important – an organizational tool for all your coloring supplies.

I don’t know about you, but here at Color Happy, we may have a slight obsession with Sharpies, gel pens, colored pencils, and any other marker, etc. out there 😉 So there must be something to keep all those supplies in.

The image above is one of our favorites right now! Not only is it a pretty pink (and yes it is a “toolbox” sold in the tools section but it works perfect for coloring supplies!), it’s portable and easy to take along on road trips.

=====> Get your Craftsman 12 in. Tool Tote here 

Recently I road tripped to Daytona Beach for a women’s business conference and brought my tote along with lots and lots of Color Happy coloring pages 😉 It was a huge hit! Many of the women enjoyed coloring as they listened to the speakers. That wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t brought my tote and supplies along.

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By the way, if you were wondering, that tote is not the only organizational tool we have in our arsenal here at Color Happy. There are several more (told you we have a slight obsession with coloring and all things pens/markers, etc.) to keep the office clean and organized 😉