Monthly Coloring Packages Filled with Joy, Creativity, and Love.

Endless Coloring Pages. Monthly Happiness.

Every month, our colorists experience coloring bliss with either our digital (you print them at home) or boxed (comes in the mail) coloring packages. In fact, many do both! 

Our digital packages are made up of 30+ coloring pages you can print at home on your home computer, for only $10!  With three different monthly themes to suit your individual style, you'll never run out of fun coloring pages again. 

Our boxes deliver joy and happiness straight to your door! How much fun is it to find a package of ooey-gooey awesomeness with your name on it ready for you to color your heart out! Each month, we deliver a coloring book, coloring craft, coloring supplies, and 2-3 happiness items all set around a fun and unique theme. 

How it Works:

Step 1:

Choose to get a digital package, a goody box shipped to your door, or have it all and get both! 

Step 2:

Select your style! We have packages to suit every colorist's budget, starting at just $10/m! 

Step 3:

Color your heart out! 
Have All. The. Fun!

Make Your Choice:

Print At Home Coloring Packages

Happy Box to Your Door

The Perks of Being a Color Happy Member


We love our members SO MUCH! And to reward our monthly subscribers, we offer 50% discount pricing on all individual Color Happy digital packages. 

Random Acts of Kindness

Members have access to exclusive RAOKS coloring cards (to give out to others) and group projects monthly. Kindness and love are powerful enough to change the world.


Members are called "Butterflies" because we're beautiful, unique souls, part of a *kaleidoscope* of color - we have contests, coloring dates, & live get-togethers. You're invited! 

See What Our Colorists Are Saying

Thousands of adult coloring enthusiasts spreading joy through color.

"These designs are the absolute best! I used to never finish the coloring pages I'd start because I'd get too bored before I finished, LOL. But I've finished every page I've started from the Color Happy designs!"

-Heidi H.

"It’s great that every month there is something different and makes me think outside of the box when it comes to colouring the pages. Always enjoy the live broadcast with an inspiring messages about more than just colouring these amazing pages. Color happy is inspiration in what they are doing and I hope one day I would love to inspire people."

-Tiffany K.

"I originally joined for the coloring pages, and one day decided to put the business opportunity out there. I'm so glad that I did! I earn income from doing something I love from the comfort of my home or from my smart phone. It's so incredibly fun and easy!"

-Cat S.