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Every month, Color Happy Members discover coloring bliss with our custom designed adult coloring pages.

Our digital packages are made up of 30+ coloring pages you print at home - no wait!   With Color Happy, you'll never run out of fun coloring pages again.  

Designs You'll Love TO COlor

"These designs are the absolute best! I used to never finish the coloring pages I'd start because I'd get too bored before I finished, LOL. But I've finished every page I've started from the Color Happy designs!"

-Heidi H.

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This Month's Sunshine Package:

Every month is a new coloring journey! The designs in our Sunshine Package are planned to flow around seasons or themes, and, in addition to traditional coloring pages, feature seasonal quotes, monthly calendars, daily to-do lists, and even dinner planning pages. Now you can stay organized while coloring, too!

Each hand-crafted coloring page is family friendly, and created with a variety of skill-levels in mind. Our simple to color mandala pages have wide spaces, intended for those with limitations such as arthritis, while pages such as our pattern designs have more intricate details for the experienced coloring enthusiast.

The Current Month's Package is Available until February 20th, 2018
Contains 31+ coloring pages as shown above!

Bonus Access To Random Acts of Kindness Coloring Designs!

Everyone month we create fun little card designs you can color and gift to someone as a Random Act Of Kindness.

See What Our Colorists Are Saying

Thousands of adult coloring enthusiasts spreading joy through color.

"It’s great that every month there is something different and makes me think outside of the box when it comes to colouring the pages. Always enjoy the live broadcast with an inspiring messages about more than just colouring these amazing pages. Color happy is inspiration in what they are doing and I hope one day I would love to inspire people."

-Tiffany K.

"My happiness journey with Color Happy began in June of 2017 and continues too fill with joy, endless creativity, and kindness on a daily basis. Being able to choose, print off, and color whatever page I want, whenever I want, and however many times I want affirm my choice too be a colorist for the happiest company around. Thank you Rayven and team for accepting and loving all colorists no matter what age and skill level.!"

-Stephanie K.

The Perks of Being a Color Happy Member

Member Discounts

We've been publishing beautiful adult coloring pages sets for years now and that means we have an extensive library of past packages. Color Happy Members get everything they want at half price!

Random Acts of Kindness Designs

Members have access to exclusive RAOKS coloring cards (to give out to others) and group projects monthly. Kindness and love are powerful enough to change the world.

The Kaleidoscope Community

Our members are called "Butterflies" because we're beautiful, unique souls, part of a *kaleidoscope* of color - we have contests, coloring dates, & live get-togethers. You're invited! 

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