Color Happy coloring pages distributed through our FREE giveaways, paid memberships or individual packages are copyrighted and may not be redistributed or shared in any way. This includes the original PDF and all uncolored images.

If you’d like your friends to enjoy them as much as you do, please send them to sign up here! Under no circumstances may you sell pages you download or print to others. Sales of Color Happy products must be made through the website. We offer an affiliate program so that you may earn commission on personal sales.

Personal Use License Color Happy coloring pages are licensed for personal use only. But what exactly does “personal use” mean? The following are all “personal use” for Color Happy products:

  • Printing and coloring your pages
  • Having other household members color your pages
  • Having friends and family in your home coloring your pages
  • Having others color your pages at a social or gathering where no money exchanges hands

About Sharing Your Finished Colored Work: 

Yes, please! Once you have completed coloring any of our designs, free or paid, we encourage you to proudly share images of your work online, whether on your website or via social media.


When you do, add the hashtag #colorhappy if you’d like us to see and share! And don’t forget to enter your shared pages in our monthly coloring contest.

About Selling Your Finished Colored Work: If you’d like to use one of our designs on a product that you will sell, after you have colored it, please submit a request here. In most cases the answer can be yes. Some of our designs are offered in partnership with designers who would not like to have their art offered in other formats.

Extended License

In certain circumstances, an Extended License may be possible to distribute Color Happy pages. This would be in a situation where a business, school, or group home would like to use Color Happy pages publically.

In short, if you are coloring at home, even in a group setting, no extended licence is needed. If you are NOT in your home, one may be required.

For example, a restaurant that wishes to provide coloring materials for its patrons, or a retirement home that wishes to do weekly coloring get-togethers. It is perfectly acceptable to add on a $20/m Extended License in these situations.

Only ONE Extended License is needed, monthly, for ALL subscription or non-subscription products in the member’s Color Happy account. So, for example, if a member at an ice-cream shop has the Sunshine Package and also the Unicorn Food package, and wishes to share all of them, only one Extended License is required.

If commercial use takes place during the month, the Extended License is required for that month. Extended Licenses are a subscription product and can be canceled anytime.

*Please note: the extended license allows for free distribution of pages in a business or school setting. It does NOT allow licensees to sell printed pages. Pages may only be sold on the website.

Extended License Subsription. Automatically rebilled. Cancel anytime.

$20 monthly

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