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  • A new way to look at the world and experience happiness 

 An experience.happy Adventure

Presenting: experience.happy - a 5-Senses, immersive adventure, designed to take you on a journey through sound and color that will inspire you into living into a better version of yourself. 

You see, our purpose in life is to wake up each morning and recreate ourselves as a better version of ourselves than the day before. It's about being our authentic, individual selves - not someone we "should" be, or that we feel we're "supposed" to be, but the real us. 

That little voice inside your head that says "I am awesome!" is real! And it's the authentic you, just waiting to show up! It's time to let that voice take the spot light.

We're all doing the very best that we can with the tools that we have. Each experience.happy adventure focuses on giving you the option to add more tools to your tool box! 

You've been lead here, right now, because something is missing in your life. This is it. It's time to experience.happy. 

Magical Mornings

Get ready to play with new tools on your quest to bring more joy and happiness into your life!

Join us on this 5-Senses adventure through happiness, and experience what happiness is, and is not. Learn how to make choosing happiness an easy part of your daily living, no matter what circumstances are happening around you. 

Happiness is our natural state of being. It's time for you to experience it, every single day! 

Video Titles Include:

  • Because Waking Up is Hard
  • Meditation in the Morning
  • Charging Life... 100% 
  • A Clean Start
  • Food is my Friend
  • The Early Bird Hears Them Sing  
  • But you Dont Have to Take My Word for It
  • Morning Pages
  • What Shall I Do Today? 
  • Making Magic

Affirmation Color Pages/Audios: 

  • I Awaken On Time With Energy And Enthusiasm To Start My Day.
  • I Focus On Breathing To Ground Myself.
  • I Take Care Of My Body And Exercise Every Day.  
  • I Am Well Groomed Healthy And Full Of Confidence.
  • I Care For My Body By Eating A Healthy Well Balanced Diet.
  • I Find Joy And Pleasure In The Simple Things Of Life.
  • I Find Deep Inner Peace Within Myself.
  • I Focus On The Details Of The Present Day.
  • I Am In Control Of My Day.
  • I am very grateful for my morning routine.
  • I Am At Peace And Happy When I'm Alone.
  • I Am Excited To See Today's Blessings Revealed.  
  • I am brimming with energy that lifts my spirits throughout the day.  
  • I Love To Start My Day With Good Nutritious Foods.  
  • I Awaken Feeling Happy And Enthusiastic About Life.
  • I Feel Wonderfully Peaceful And Relaxed. 
  • I Have All It Takes To Make This Day Productive.
  • I Have Permission To Color Outside The Lines.  
  • My Morning Is A Peaceful Sanctuary Where I Feel Safe And Happy.

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