My Coloring Budget

1. Cover - color this for the front of your view binder 2. Back - color this for the back of your view binder 3 & & Spines - color these for the spine of your view binder, in either 1/2" or 1" size 5. Tab dividers - color these to separate the different sections of your binder: logs, debt, occasional bills 6.Pay the Bills - this is your bill payment log. You'll want to print at least 12 of these, one for each month 7. Pay the Bills- this one summarizes the entire year at a glance 8. Bank Account Register - record incoming and outgoing transactions from your bank 9. Charity Log - keep track of all your charitable contributions 10. Savings Log - keep track of your savings 11. Categories - fun, colorable page outlining typical budget categories 12. Monthly Budget - style 1 13.Monthly Budget - style 2 14. Budget Envelopes - envelope method 15. Debt Be Gone! - master debt payoff tally sheet 16. Financial Freedom - piggy image: put your financial goal at the top and color milestones 17. Daily Spending - record what you spend in a day 18. Pay the Bills Calendar - record when bills are due 19. Debt Payoff Log - print one for each debt you owe, and record payments 20. Net Worth - assets minus liabilities equals net worth (watch this grow!) 21. Account Info - track account numbers and information 22. Occasional Bill Log - Master sheet for those random, recurring bills; property taxes, car insurance, annual vet visits 23. Occasional Bill Log - track each of your random recurring bills 24. Occasional Bill Categories - fun colorable page filled with common occasional bill categories 25. At a Glance - Monthly Recap - Jan - June 26 At a Glance - Monthly Recap - July - Dec 27. Notes 28. Title Page - beautiful colorable title page for the inside of your binder

My Coloring Budget

Create your own beautiful and customized Home Finance Budget with My Coloring Budget Journal. Each page features forms and coloring elements sure to turn monthly budgeting into something fun that you look forward to! It is recommended that your store your My Coloring Budget in a 1/2" or 1" clear view binder. 28 pages designed to be printed for multiple use:


  • One time purchase
  • Digital. You print on your home computer.  
  • 27 pages, plus cover.  

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